Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Devil Granny

So Granny Gloom is at it again... this time she was feeling a bit... devilish!

 Granny with her best bud Z in their devil costumes, knocking a few beers back and lounging in lawn chairs.

Granny's hooked! 

Z helping Granny sort out a few of those pesky back kinks.

Z chowing down on some tasty flesh, Granny was not amused.

Uh oh... someone pissed off Granny.

Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!

Location: Southside Snake Pit (warning a VERY adult sim, if ya get my meaning... *wink*wink*)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Granny Gloom

Been a forever long time sense my last post, mainly because I've been on and off SL. But while roaming around today in my Grandma Gloom get up I decided hey that would be interesting blog post! So here it is, a day at the beach with Grandma Gloom! Enjoy.

 First stop at the beach, the Tiki Bar of course!
Enjoying the surfers, maybe next beach visit Granny Gloom will give surfing a try... or at least try sitting on a surf board.

Unfortunately the dance floor was empty at the beach today.

One badass Granny! XD

What? Surf & Simboard Park

What? Surf & Simboard Park

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mmmm Zombiepopcorn!

I love June, its the month that my birthday is in (June 28th to be exact! :D) & the Zombiepopcorn Hunt has started! (June 1st-15th) I love this hunt so much, its one of the first hunts I started back in the day and its still one that I have to do now! The following lovely items in the pics below are just a few of the great items (all except my hair and shape)! Enjoy the pics and please check out this wonderful hunt!
Hunt starts here.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This week didn't start out the best for me in RL... this Monday I had a car accident, I wasn't hurt (besides a few bruises) but my truck is damaged :( Its going to get repaired and everything will be fine, I'm fine the guy who trashed the side of my truck is fine but I'm still upset about it. So I decided I'd do some photography. Pick out a simple outfit, put on a skin that matches my bruised up self and go find an interesting sim, and I did! The Wastelands, its pretty much a big junk yard full of old wrecked cars and old buildings. Perfect! Hope you enjoy my moody blog post! :P

wrecked OOTD includes:

Top- *G Field* Puff-sleeve Top in Yellow/flower (group gift)
Pants- Ducknipple Faded jeans in Blue (old hunt gift)
Shoes-*G Field* Sophie Square-toe shoes in Autumn Leaf (lucky board)
Skin- Miss Murder Battered Bettie Pack- Losing Battle (dollarbie in store)
Hair- Magika Dara hair Blond Pack

Location- The Wastelands

Monday, May 16, 2011

Beach Weather- OOTD

Perfect weather for some me time at the beach... at least in game anyway! :D So I slipped on a bathing suit and went beach hunting!

This OOTD includes:
Hair- Teyona in Chilli mix by Exile (The Dressing Room Blue exclusive, no longer avaliable at TDRB)
Skin-Adele B Cup in Tan by ~Mynerva~ (B-day gift)
Tattoo- Famous by :Wicked Tattoos: (Lucky board)
Bathing Suit- Dream Dot in green by MIASNOW (freebie from FabFree Headquarters)
Nails- Long Nails in Donuts by Mstyle (from the Where is ... Hunt)

Location: Palekaiko

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I love winter... but I have to say, I'm so happy its SPRING! And I'm so happy that The Seasons Hunt- Spring is here and that I've completed it! Yup thats right I'm done, and here are the fruits of my labors, tons and tons of wonderful gifts up for grabs! Enjoy the pictures, all items shown in the exception of my skin, shape and prim ears are gifts from the hunt, so make sure to go check it out! The hunt blog is here. Oh and the hunt item your looking for is a cute little bumble bee!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Ok, todays outfit of the day is well... interesting! These undies are a gift at Ducknipple and I find them hysterical, so I thought I'd make an OOTD with them! :D The undies are called "Dirties" and thats basically what they are, dirty undies! In the first picture is Period (also comes with a Tampon strap, not shown) and in the 2nd picture is Pee and Pooped. So if you have a weird sense of humor like me or maybe might use them for a costume or something go check em out, they're free! :D

This OOTD includes:

Shirt- Ensemble: Belly, Belly Tee Gray [Moosehead]
Undies- Dirties .:Ducknipple:. (free)
Socks-Ensemble: Belly Striped Socks [Moosehead]
Shoes- *Dilly Dolls* Freddi Boots (Male) - Lace (Twisted Hunt Gift)
Hair- Rabid- House of Munster (Group Gift)
Hair Base Tat- Aravim- Hair Tat - Crescent 75% (freebie at Kmadd)
Skin- MIASNOW -LOVE tan - no brow (10L)
Ears- .:Glamorize:. Master EAR (marketplace)
Eyelashes- !Imabee: Miranda- Eyelashes (Group Gift)
Piercings- [BURIED] Basic Piercings (Dollarbie)
Tattoo- .:CoLLisions:. Quoth the Raven (Twisted Hunt Gift)
Eyes- deviousMind deviousEyes "AngelDust" **VALENTINE** (Freebie)